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Our Objectives

In Our Objectives on 26/10/2009 at 20:37

– to aid the progress of our local communities,

– to find ways to integrate and strengthen bonds with regional and international young men and women,

– to raise public awareness concerning actual issues in Armenia,

– to promote social integration of disadvantaged groups and youth from the rural areas,

– to increase opportunities for the development of such groups,

– to motivate youth to participate in the process of democratization and strengthening of our country,

– to promote the contribution to rural communities,

– to discuss most important issues concerning local and regional youth,

– to find some solutions to currently existing issues,

– to cooperate with different local, regional and international organizations and movements,

– to help young people reach their career as well as personal ambitions,

– to help students with their studies and researches,

– to promote youth activism and involvement in social activities – to give students practical skills to be able to put them in use in our country.