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Three consecutive meetings at the US Alumni Association of Armenia’s headquarter in Yerevan


On September 11th, 12th and 13th “Cooperation for Development” NGO held three consecutive meetings at the US Alumni Association of Armenia’s headquarter in Yerevan to realize one of the most responsible and important activities of the “Career Orientation for Youth” project, the selection of the applications.

During the two week application acceptance period a sum of approximately 200 applications were received, which made the selection process considerably difficult and competitive. During the three days the admission committee of 10 members carefully considered every application in its whole, putting much emphasis on the applicants’ essays. Thirty five candidates who had shown potential for success and expressed strong motivation for further academic development were considered. In the mean time, the admission committee tried to ensure general and regional equality during the selection process. We are happy to have so many successful applicants from rural regions and we will do everything in our capability to ensure their positive experience and further achievements.

The seminar-training “Career Orientation for Youth” will take place in Yerevan from September 19 to 24.

Let us Cooperate for Development!

Mher Hakobyan and “Cooperation for Development” NGO

Career Orientation for YOUTH: Download our applications!!!


Dear friends,
You can download our applications here:

For more information you can visit:

Cooperation for Development

APPLY FOR A TRAINING COURSE: “Career Orientation for Youth”



Cooperation for Development NGO with the support of US Embassy in Armenia and US Alumni Association of Armenia is organizing a training course on “Career Orientation for Youth” in Yerevan, September 2010. Selected participants will be informed about the dates and venue of the training course. It will last 5 days.

Project Description: The project “Career Orientation for Youth” will be carried out in a seminar-training format. It aims to inform young people about educational and career development opportunities and more importantly give them the basic knowledge and required skills to encourage their further achievement. In the realization of our project we plan to cooperate with educational organizations which actively contribute to the development of civil society through international academic and cultural programs. Our partners will assist us with specialists in the educational sphere as well as present their mission and activities. They will inform the training participant of the programs in which young people can be involved.

Our training will be conducted for undergraduate and graduate students, especially from non-urban regions, interested in international project, exchange, volunteer, internship and other opportunities.  The “Career orientation for youth” project is aimed to inform undergraduate and graduate students about national and international programs. Our participants will become more informed, active and initiative in the social sphere. The training will boost their academic and career progress, which will enable them to contribute to the development of civil society in Armenia. It is our belief that the training will be a further step towards building a transparent, informed and responsible society. It will open new prospects of international partnership and collaboration among highly motivated and qualified specialists, a much vital contributing factor for the further integration process of Armenia into the international community. The representatives of well known NGOs, Youth centers and International organizations (ARMACAD, DAAD, Council of Europe, British Council, IREX, etc) will present their programs and projects in order to raise awareness about self-development opportunities among participants. Electronic variants of application forms, booklets, lectures, presentations, info sheets etc. also will be provided. Participants will be awarded with certificates.

Main Objectives:

  • To motivate youth to participate in the process of democratization of our country.
  • To raise awareness among participants about the importance of being active citizens and participate in civic life.
  • To promote youth activism and involvement in social activities.
  • To strengthen ties between rural youth and support the continuity of their academic and career progress.
  • To equip participants with knowledge and skills in running projects offered by different international organizations.
  • To help youth to develop their leadership, decision-making and critical thinking skills.

Who can apply?

  • Undergraduate and graduate students from 17 to 25,
  • Have some knowledge of English,
  • Have some computer skills,
  • Committed to actively take part in the entire event,
  • Motivated to forward the obtained knowledge and skills during the training in their communities.


The methodological approach will consequently base on the principles of non-formal learning in general, experiential learning in particular. An emphasis will be laid on transparent, comprehensive and reflective adoption of inputs and exercises – in order to guarantee a maximum of learning. Workshops, discussions and presentations will be held.

Financial conditions:

Partial travel and one-time meal funding will be provided for participants currently residing in regional areas. Participants wishing to obtain partial funding are asked to notify the project coordinators about their needs and provide a brief addendum attached to their application.

Application Procedure:

After the deadline, September 10th, the presidency board of our organization will select 25 participants from different regions of RA assuring equal regional and gender distribution. After the selection participants will be asked to confirm their participation.

If you want to participate and you need application form, please write to

Deadline: 10 September, 2010

Informational Sponsor: 7

For more information please contact the coordinators of the project:

Mher Hakobyan (077) 37 26 47

Grigor Yeritsyan (091) 59 62 35

Also you can write to our e-mail:


Cooperation for Development NGO

The Journal of Conflict Transformation

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The Journal of Conflict Transformation is an independent online publication that provides a forum for scholars, practitioners, policy analysts, starting researchers and bloggers to analyze as well as discuss the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and issues related to it. The purpose of the publication is to contribute to sustainable resolution of the conflict by expanding scholarship on the subject and encouraging diverse perspectives and analysis.

The Journal welcomes contributions from established researchers and is also committed to include the voices of emerging analysts and writers within the peace process. This inter-disciplinary online publication accepts scholarly and analytical articles, as well as reflective writings, that contribute to the better understanding of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Armenian-Azerbaijani relations and suggestions for improvement of the peace process and positive transformation of inter-societal relations. The articles can analyze the conflict as a whole or any factor that potentially has implication for the conflict and/or its resolution from the perspective of political science, economy, sociology, anthropology, social psychology, collective memory studies, comparative history, ethnic conflict, identity-conflict, conflict resolution, peace studies, mediation and facilitation, conflict transformation and comparative case studies.
The publication is supported by grants from the Democracy Commissions of the U.S. Embassy to Armenia and the U.S. Embassy to Azerbaijan and the Norwegian Atlantic Committee. Views expressed in the publication are those of its authors. The publication is established and managed by the Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation.

CONTACT US at The Journal invites feedback, comments and suggestions from its readers.

Editorial Board:

Asbed Kotchikian – Bentley University

Jale Sultanli – Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation

Phil Gamaghelyan – Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation

Susan Allen Nan – Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution, George Mason University

Tabib Huseynov – International Crisis Group

Managing Editors:

Phil Gamaghelyan

Jale Sultanli

Associate Editors:

Arzu Geybullayeva

Tamar Palandjian

Demand for youth to be politically aware

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A group of youth was trying to figure out the youth’s stance in the current political situation.

“Cooperation for Development” NGO, the Eurasia Partnership Foundation and the Alliance of Youth Clubs jointly organized a two-day seminar entitled “Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in the context of Turkish-Armenian relations” with the participation of 25 young professionals. They were selected from 100 applicants and were given questionnaires comprised of questions regarding Armenia’s domestic and foreign policies.

“Our main goal is to raise youth’s awareness about the current issues because we are certain that only youth that are aware of the issues can be of value for the country. We are making an attempt to increase their role,” says chairman of “Cooperation for Development” NGO Grigor Yeritsyan who is a political scientist by profession.

According to the organizers, the impetus for organizing the seminar were the latest political developments, particularly the signing of the Turkey-Armenia Protocols and the issue of whether there would be preconditions or not, etc.

Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies at the Armenian National Academy of Sciences, Ruben Safrastyan, presented the features of Armenia’s relations with neighboring countries and talked about the interests of “neutral” countries. He also responded to questions that mainly referred to the linkage between the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and Turkish-Armenian relations.

“We received a very large flow of information at a very rapid pace recently and people weren’t able to differ from what was right and what was objective. We are trying to differentiate,” says Grigor.

The youth were also concerned about the fact that certain Armenian presses are simply printing the information provided by Turkish and Azeri presses without any analysis. That was one of the reasons why expert on issues concerning information security Samvel Martirosyan attended the seminar.

“My experience has shown that these meetings lead to the creation of groups that work effectively. People spread their personal data on social network sites without understanding that that information is only seen by them and their peers. There is a demand to educate society in order for them to realize the dangers,” said Samvel.

Tsovinar Karapetyan