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EVS opportunity for Armenian youth in Lithuania

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Dear friends,

We have a special offer for you. If you want to become an EVS voluteer use this opportunity, read the information below.


Accreditation   Host organisation
Approval Date   29/12/2009
Validity Date   29/12/2012
Location   Vilnius (Lithuania)
Theme 1   Minorities
Theme 2   Other
Inclusion   Economic difficulties, Social difficulties


Project environment


Children and Youth day center “Mûsø nameliai” is situated in suburb of Vilnius – capital of Lithuania.
Comunication with city center from Naujoji Vilnia suburb is comfortable, direct from Naujoji Vilnia to city center go some buses and microbuses also train line. As Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania all leisure time and tourist activities are possible in easy way.
Naujoji Vilnia – Vilnius city district, about 8 km from city center. Population – 37 000, in Naujoji Vilnia live representatives of Polish, Russian, Byelorussian, Lithuanian nationality. Till the Second World War Vilnius and city districts belonged to Poland. In Naujoji Vilnia functions some schools – in between of them scholls for Russian and Polish children, also some multilingual kindergartens. There are cultural centre, public library, Youth creative center and some other educational and training institutions. Two Roman Catholic churches, orthodox church. Remarkable regional park, possibility to have a lot of outdoor activities in summer.
Vilnius is the capital of the Republic of Lithuania and the largest administrative centre in Lithuania with all major political, economic, social and cultural centres.
Naturally, it is the largest city in the country: according to the data of 2007 the population of Vilnius is approximately 554,400. Of them 57.8% are Lithuanians, 18.7% Poles, 14% Russians, 4% Byelorussians, 0.5% Jews and the remaining 5% comprising some other nationalities.
Current area of Vilnius is about 400 square kilometres. Buildings cover 29.1% of the city and the remaining area is prevailed with the greenery (68.8%) and waters (2.1%). The County of Vilnius covers the regions of Vilnius, Elektrënai, Šalèininkai, Širvintos, Švenèionys, Trakai, and Ukmergë totalling to 965,000 ha.
The Old Town, historical centre of Vilnius, is one of the largest in Eastern Europe (360 ha). The most valuable historic and cultural heritage is concentrated here. The buildings in the old town – there are about 1.5 thousand of them – were built in a number of different centuries, therefore, it is a mixture of all European architectural styles. Although Vilnius is often called a baroque city, here you will find some buildings of gothic, renaissance and other styles. The main sights of the city are the Gediminas Castle and the Cathedral Square, symbols of the capital. Their combination is also a gateway to the historic centre of the capital. Because of its uniqueness, the Old Town of Vilnius was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

There are no specific rules for a volunteer, we just follow everyday matters: humanity, honest help, understanding, knowing how to deal with children and we wish the volunteer would do so.


The day center undertakes the activities for children and teenagers also their family members in the domain of social care. European Volunteers will play an important role in our community. We do hope that young volunteers will bring a lot of fresh ideas, new standards and great motivation to work. It will influent work of all the employees and shows to the children, that their life can be also without such a big social and psychological problems, if they will have enough courage and good intensions to change it by themselves.
We hope from this cooperation with EVS Program to bring to our place new European dimension, and even if our children don’t have a chance to visit Europe – Europe will come to visit them. Young volunteers who will come to work with us and to work with our children can give special care, fresh attitude, energy or youth. Our target group members would be happy to spend time with volunteers, play with them, to be faced to something new or doing daily things but with another person from abroad. Also it will have good influence for their English skills.
The main activities of the volunteer: to help to organize daily free time occupation (different games, workshops, events, organized together with the stuff members); to participate in the educational process (participation in the learning seminars – organized by the hosting organization and National Agency, presentation about the country of the volunteer, work in an international team); to take part in development and realization of the day center projects and own initiative projects: volunteer will have a possibility to teach children in interactive and non formal way, if he/ she has specific knowledge in some kind of sphere (music, art, sport, language skills, etc.).

The main activities in the day center for EVS volunteer are forseen as follow:
– To help to organize free time activities: educational games, additional language lessons, art workshops: painting, ceramic, other; sport activities etc.;
– Help with the home work, languages and other classes if the language won’t be a barrier;
– Accompanning and assisting children in their outdoor activities;
– Organizing social and cultural events together with the target group;
– Help with serving food for children;
– Cooperating together with other EVS volunteers in Vilnius in preparing network activities in local or regional schools, cultural centres, youth clubs, etc.

Agenda in the day center:

13.00-15.00 leisure activities, discussion about day activities with day center workers and children
15.00-16.00 – day center visitors feeding
16.00-17.30 – homework fatigue
17.30-19.00 – leisure activities, including: art, music trade, needlework, dramatic trade, bibliotherapy, psychologyst’s consultations and work in group or individual.

Volunteers are expected to learn and improve lots of social and personal skills: to learn planning and realization abilities, public performance and presentation abilities, group leading skills, communicational skills, will learn to be open to the new possibilities and challenges; to learn to be self-dependent and responsible, to learn to evaluate his/her experience.


It’s not a requirement, but it would be good, for a volunteer to be motivated to work with children from social risk families, active, having good computer skills, open for learning and new experience, tolerant for religious and nationality issues person.

Motivation and EVS experience

Our organization has never hosted any volunteer up till now in the organization. In 2008 day center took a part in international project with Youth organization from France and group of young people (10 people) from France organized activities for day center visitors 10 days in summer holidays time. This was our first experience to be in touch with foreign young people. This experience made us more open, enabled to do more and with a different point of view to our children and our daily work we do.
We had admitted that young person – volunteer with his/her strong motivation can be a real input for changes. EVS is a very good possibility to learn from each other, where “a teacher” can be not only professional worker, volunteer, but small children from our care house and our community. It allows feelings of importance as a person and as an active member of society in global context.
Together with international volunteers we would like to enrich our experience, variety of activities, aspect for different things and processes, quantity and quality of information, contacts and creative people. For a volunteer in our organization could be the possibility not only to work in the daily work of the organization, but also to be like a person who would work out from the organization with local public in varios kind of activities and in this way to promote informal education among others, starting with him/her self.
We are not experienced in this field, but as we work in capital city it is always possible to be in touch with organisations which have an experience already and to share their experience and collaborate. One of those organizations – Vilnius city Mother’s and child pension has experience in this field and as we have signed agreement of partnership with this organization we hope to share new knowledge about volunteer work.

Description of the organisation

Children and Youth Day Center “Mûsø nameliai” operates in Naujoji Vilnia (Vilnius suburb) from 2000 y. as systematically working organisation provides socialization programme for children and Youth from socially disadvantaged and social risk families in local community. Day center extends services including consultations of psychologist, social worker services and also we work with children and Youth groups employing new methods of education and training: in the frames of partnership agreement day center works in a public library what enables combine services of social and cultural-information institutions, work in close partnership, share good experience and to develop activities which help to socialize vulnerable community members.
The main aim of day centre “Mûsø nameliai” activities: educate, consolidate, encourage children and Youth to participate in public and working action, to become active in civic society and to reduce social disjuncture. Goals of organisation: to provide social, education, information and cultural aid for children and teenagers from social risk and socially disadvantaged families and for their families members; to involve to community activites such groups; to organise occupation for those community groups including seminars, clubs, summer day camps, events, contests etc; to develop civic responsibility of socially disadvantaged families, to develop responsibility for ourselves, family and community; to reinforce family prestige; to influence positive alterations in public life in Naujoji Vilnia suburb; to represent and protect interests of socially disadvantaged community members; to advance social competence of families, including not only social skills and capacity, but also reality recognition causes.
Day center “Mûsø nameliai” associates (in the frames of agreements) : Naujoji Vilnia eldership, Vilnius college Faculty of Pedagogics; Vilnius county police headquarters; Vilnius city Mother’s and Child pension; “Laisvë” gymnasium, local secondary schools; Vilnius Old Town Theatre, Vilnius Vocational Education and Training Centre of Technology and Business.
Staff: regular social worker, regular social educator, psychologist, coordinator and organiser of events.
Target group: children from socially disadvantaged and social risk families – 40 (age from 7 till 16) and their adult family members. For adult family members day center provides special, not everyday activities according programmes.

If you are interested send your European CV to Monika Hovhannisyan