Cooperation for Development

Application deadline has passed: 46 luckiest volunteers were accepted!!


On Sunday, October 31st, the “Promotion of Volunteerism and Peer Education” project team had a meeting at the US Armenian Alumni Association office. During the five-hour meeting more than sixty applications for the Volunteer project were considered, from which 46 were accepted. The coordinating team was pleasantly surprised by the level of interest and enthusiasm expressed through the applicants’ essays. In the next few days the project team will provide young volunteers with theoretical and practical knowledge needed for the successful realization of the project goals. This will be done through two day group trainings conducted by qualified trainers and specialists.

As it has previously been announced the “Promotion of Volunteerism and Peer Education” project is a month academic and social project which aims to promote social responsibility and involvement among youth in our society. During the one month project young people, mostly students of different professions, will attend out partner hospitals to contribute to these children’s academic and mental development, to help them adapt to hospital conditions more easily, to organize their free time, to encourage self development and assist them with future career choice by sharing with their own experiences. In this way we hope to easy up the discomforts of the children’s condition. On the other hand it will promote volunteerism and encourage young people to be more active as community members and to gain practical experience of their academic knowledge.

Siranush Yarmaloyan and “Promotion of Volunteerism and Peer Education” project team