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“Cooperation for Development” to start Career Orientation for Youth

In ANNOUNCEMENTS, PROJECTS on 23/08/2010 at 09:46

“Cooperation for Development” NGO team membe rs held a meeting at US Alumni Association of Armenia central office in Yerevan, Armenia to discuss the further details of the “Career Orientation for Youth” project sponsored by the US outreach Grant via US Alumni Association of Armenia and US Embassy in Yerevan.

Issues concerning the preparation phase of the project, particularly communication with partners, confirmation of the venue and application dissemination, etc., were discussed. An introduction to the USAAA activities and new blog was also made by Khachik Gevorgyan, executive director of USAAA.

The “Career Orientation for Youth” project, is a series of informative lectures in a seminar-training format for undergraduate and graduate students. It aims to inform young people about educational and career development opportunities and more importantly give them the basic knowledge and required skills to encourage their further achievements. In the realization of the project Cooperation for Development will cooperate with educational organizations such as ARMACAD, IREX, American Council, British Council, DAAD and the like, which actively contribute to the development of academically oriented society through international academic and cultural programs. The partners will inform the training participants about the programs in which young people can get involved.

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