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Armenia, Turkey and Greece: Youth Exchange

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For now we are planning to make a triangle relation ( Armenia, Turkey and Greece) and we need a partner from Greece. We believe that this project is well-done.

Project type: Youth action 1.1.

Summary: We are going to conduct a youth exchange between Armenian and Turkish youth. It will be a year-long program in Turkey and Armenia focusing on cross-cultural communications and cultural sharing. 10 Armenian and 10 Turkish participants from different organizations and socio-economical backgrounds will live together as a one big family.

The Armenian and Turkish exchange portions of the program will be scheduled about 1 week in each country. Participants will be engaged in a variety of activities such as workshops, seminars, artistic activities, trainings, intercultural evenings, city games, sightseeing, cultural visits etc.

The project will begin in January 1, 2011 with preparation phase of Armenian exchange portion. The preparation phase will include 3 months (January, February and March). We will have an advanced planning in March with group leaders of two groups in Yerevan. The second phase will be an implementation phase. The exchange activity will take place from 20 April to 28 April (including arrival and departure).

The preparation phase of Turkish exchange portion should begin in June 1 (June, July and August). We will have an advanced planning in August with group leaders of two groups in Istanbul. After, Turkish group will start and implementation of the project. The exchange activity will take place from 10 September to 20 September (including arrival and departure).

The third phase will be an evaluation phase. During it two groups will prepare joint report about the results of the project as well as create a web-site, forum and on-line magazine.
The participants will be 10 Turkish and 10 Armenian youngsters between the ages of 18 and 25. They will be selected on the basis of their applications. Selected participants will participate in two days preparation activities in their home-countries. The exchange programs taking place in Armenia and Turkey will be one week in duration each.

If you are interested please write to the following e-mail.

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