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35th International Left Hander’s Day August 13th, 2010

In ANNOUNCEMENTS on 13/08/2010 at 11:58

Cooperation for Development NGO congratulates you on the occasion of International Left-Hander’s day! It’s a little known fact that August 13th is celebrated as Left-hander’s day throughout the world. A number of left-hander’s association celebrate it and draw attention to this special day but it is not done enough. As a result, not many people know about it.

On August 13th, 1976 an organization know as Lefthanders International first declared this holiday. This organization served as a source of information for left-hander’s It also sold left-handed products several years before going out of business. No one entity really picked it up from there. Now, its up to individuals and local organizations to celebrate this day.

Organize a party and invite left-handers from your family, neighborhood, work or school, but don’t forget to invite your right-handed friends.

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