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Demand for youth to be politically aware

In MASS MEDIA on 05/08/2010 at 08:45

A group of youth was trying to figure out the youth’s stance in the current political situation.

“Cooperation for Development” NGO, the Eurasia Partnership Foundation and the Alliance of Youth Clubs jointly organized a two-day seminar entitled “Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in the context of Turkish-Armenian relations” with the participation of 25 young professionals. They were selected from 100 applicants and were given questionnaires comprised of questions regarding Armenia’s domestic and foreign policies.

“Our main goal is to raise youth’s awareness about the current issues because we are certain that only youth that are aware of the issues can be of value for the country. We are making an attempt to increase their role,” says chairman of “Cooperation for Development” NGO Grigor Yeritsyan who is a political scientist by profession.

According to the organizers, the impetus for organizing the seminar were the latest political developments, particularly the signing of the Turkey-Armenia Protocols and the issue of whether there would be preconditions or not, etc.

Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies at the Armenian National Academy of Sciences, Ruben Safrastyan, presented the features of Armenia’s relations with neighboring countries and talked about the interests of “neutral” countries. He also responded to questions that mainly referred to the linkage between the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and Turkish-Armenian relations.

“We received a very large flow of information at a very rapid pace recently and people weren’t able to differ from what was right and what was objective. We are trying to differentiate,” says Grigor.

The youth were also concerned about the fact that certain Armenian presses are simply printing the information provided by Turkish and Azeri presses without any analysis. That was one of the reasons why expert on issues concerning information security Samvel Martirosyan attended the seminar.

“My experience has shown that these meetings lead to the creation of groups that work effectively. People spread their personal data on social network sites without understanding that that information is only seen by them and their peers. There is a demand to educate society in order for them to realize the dangers,” said Samvel.

Tsovinar Karapetyan

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